As a student of such distinguished pianists and teachers as

Tengiz (Gizi) Amirejibi and Pavlina Dokovska, Tamara Kurdadze directly inherits 

performing traditions of 

    Franz Liszt                             and                             Frederic Chopin:

Tengiz Amirejibi (georgian pianist, professor at the Tbilisi conservatory) was student of russian pianist Konstantin Igumnov, who was student of famous russian pianist and composer Alexander Siloti, himself student of Franz Liszt.

 Pavlina Dokovska (bulgarian pianist, piano faculty department chair at Mannes College of Music, NYC) was student of Yvonne Lefébure in Paris, who was student of French pianist and conductor Alfred Cortot, student of french pianist Emile Descombes, himself student of Frederic Chopin.